Community Spotlight: Brad Stumpff, UF Mover Guys

bradstumpff_ufmoverguysAs a non-profit organization we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to help us advocate for our clients. With a staff of 30 advocates, there is no doubt that community involvement helps us reach that goal. We are so proud to be a part of a community that understands domestic violence and works side by side with us to help end the cycle. Each time we publish at community spotlight, we introduce you to a community member who is working to help end the cycle of violence. This month we are thrilled to share the great work of Brad Stumpff with UF Mover Guys.

Why do you give of your time/talent to Peaceful Paths?  I think its important to give back to the community when you’re able to.  Growing up I watched my parents take in and care for foster kids and my dad was the scout master for a troop of special needs Boy Scouts.  I’ve always tried to follow their example so, when we were looking at our plan for 2016, both my business partner Jordan and I decided that we wanted to get more involved with the community.  We’d both heard about the great things Peaceful Paths were doing and knew that our services had the potential to help the organization immediately.  We look forward to being a part of the new lives these women are starting because of Peaceful Paths.

How do you think our work impacts the community?   Peaceful Paths provides sanctuary to the victims that couldn’t help themselves otherwise.  The full spectrum of services I saw on the tour was impressive.  I’m extremely happy that I can take a small part in the noble work they’re doing.

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