Will you help us keep a critical service going? 

Below is a note from Peaceful Paths Executive Director about the shift in funding year for our counseling grant.

The Trauma Counseling program is funded through a federal grant from the Violence Against Women Act, and has served over 400 survivors since 2012.  This funding cycle, a change in grant requirements close to the application deadline resulted in a shift of the funding year from July to September.

While we are confident in funding continuing after September, we have to find a way to fill in the gap in July and August.  Currently, we estimate that counselors will provide 120 sessions at $50 per session, to survivors with critical needs in the midst of trauma services.

Your cash gift will ensure that these services can continue uninterrupted and survivors can continue to make strides in the healing process. Use the “Give the Gift of Hope” button below to make your gift today.

Dr. Theresa Beachy, PhD
Executive Director

Give the Gift of Hope

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