Local Domestic Violence Center Addresses Funding Issues Due to Shutdown


Contact: Dr. Theresa Beachy, Executive Director, Peaceful Paths Domestic Abuse Network, 352-377-5690

January 23, 2019

Local Domestic Violence Center Addresses Funding Issues Due to Shutdown

Cash flow and covering client needs are critical needs


The provision of services to survivors of domestic violence and their children depends on a combination of private, state, and federal funding. The current government shutdown will compromise the continuation of critical lifesaving services for domestic violence survivors and their children.  In the wake of Hurricane Michael, Florida will face uncommon fiscal challenges that will diminish the State’s ability to compensate for any loss of federal funding. What this means for Peaceful Paths is that 35% of our staff are federally funded, and this shutdown will impact those services if contract payments are held up beyond the March 1st date when allocated funding runs out.  While the federal funding is held up, Peaceful Paths is unable to meet certain client needs in order to ensure that staff pay is not impacted and Center programs remain operational.  These needs include utility deposits and payments, pantry and fresh food items, hygiene and paper products, and covering indirect costs such as maintenance and insurance.  The impact on cash flow will likely continue for 2-3 times as long as the shutdown lasts, as previous shutdowns have shown us.   This will be particularly devastating if the shutdown outlasts the authorizations for SNAP and Medicaid benefits, as demands on our client supports for basic needs will be further stressed.  This is a looming humanitarian crisis and public safety issue.

How to Help

Peaceful Paths provides weekly wish list updates, and is always able to accept donations of food and paper products, over the counter medications, and hygiene products. Gas cards and gift cards for food and discount stores are also very helpful in covering client needs.  Donations of items can be dropped at 2100 NW 53rdAve Gainesville FL, and cash donations can also be taken at our Outreach Center or made online at www.peacefulpaths.org/donate or through our Facebook Page, https://www.facebook.com/PeacefulPaths/

About Us

Peaceful Paths is the certified center that serves survivors of domestic violence in Alachua, Bradford, and Union counties.  Peaceful Paths provides a wide range of free and confidential services including crisis helpline, emergency shelter, supportive housing, victim advocacy, counseling, therapy, and support groups for adults, children and youth, education and training, violence prevention programs, community awareness and intervention, and legal services.  Peaceful Paths provided over 30,000 individual services to last year.  Services to adults and children included 474 individuals in residential services, 809 individuals in outreach services, and over 2500 helpline calls.

For more information, contact Dr. Theresa Beachy, Executive Director theresab@peacefulpaths.org

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