We raised over $8,000 in 2019!

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1st Annual Bourbon Sip'n Party!

December 4, 2019


Our Bourbon Advocacy Raffle on December 4, 2019 was a HUGE success thanks to the generosity of our donors, guests, and hosts!  It all started, when Peaceful Paths was awarded one of the exclusive bottles from Buffalo Trace's 6,000,000 Barrel in late Fall.  Only 400 non-profits around the country received this beautiful auction item with the opportunity to raise money for their mission in the manner in which each organization chose.  We decided to host a raffle and sip'n party in December, and we raised over $8,000 for our cause and it was so much fun we're going to make this an annual event! We thank Buffalo Trace for their continued advocacy and support of non-profits around the country. :-)

With almost 100 guests in attendance, we offered plenty of chances to win some high-end,  hard-to-get bourbons through raffles, silent auction, and our big raffle for the Buffalo Trace!  Special thanks to Jigz from Jigz Liquor, who not only donated most of the bourbons, but also provided an exclusive tasting line-up for our guests to enjoy!  We were also grateful to our friends from Dragon Fly who donated several platters of sushi and a bartending team that everyone enjoyed!  Our specialty drink bar was as much fun to watch as it was to sample from, thanks to Dragon Fly's amazing mixologists. We'd also like to thank our Board Members in attendence that both donated bourbon as well as participated in the event.  We had other great donations from Dos Mamas, Blue Gill, Dorn's Liquor to name a few. Thank you to Richy Stano who provided the great vibes for the evening and donated his time for our cause.

We couldn't have pulled off this great event without the help of our hosts, Ann and John Gasser, that helped plan and host the party at their home.  They were generous to open their home to us and also donate wine and bourbon to the event.  

We hope to plan a similar event for Fall 2020. Keep an eye out for details!

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