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Fundraise for Peaceful Paths

Fundraise for Peaceful Paths

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Raise money for us your way

Thank you for your interest in doing a third party fundraiser for Peaceful Paths. We are thrilled to be the potential beneficiary of your upcoming fundraiser! 


We’d like to help you make this as successful as possible but we will need a little information from you before we can do that. Please know that the use of Peaceful Paths’ name and/or logo without our expressed permission is prohibited. Please contact Stephanie Freas, Director of Development, for more information. We ask that you allow 1 week for approval of your event.

Here are some examples of events that we have seen be successful:

  • Portion of Proceeds from local shops & restaurants, and bars

  • Raffles 

  • 5k run or walk

  • Garage Sale

  • Accept donations in lieu of gifts for your birthday, wedding or anniversary

  • Facebook Fundraiser

  • Amazon Smile


Please fill out the form below to tell us a little about your event or idea!

If you have any questions you can contact Stephanie Freas at 352.377.5690 x505 or by email at

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