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Child & Youth Programs

Children in Classroom

Child & Youth Programs


Child & Youth Program

Peaceful Paths recognizes that children are often affected by violence in their homes. We provide free and confidential services to address their needs. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Age-specific safety planning.

  • Educational and social support groups.

  • Supervised childcare (while parent(s) are on campus).

  • Individual counseling

  • Advocacy

Trained staff and volunteers provide a safe and supportive environment for children and teens so they can talk openly while also gathering useful tools to help create safer situations. Activities and programs are designed to review topics like safety, healthy relationships, managing conflicts and healthy emotional expression.

Outreach and Shelter child and youth programming is meant to meet the needs of the individual participants while not singling out any particular youth’s situation. Our aim is to empower children and teens by highlighting their resilience and inner strengths, while allowing them the emotional space to grow as unique individuals facing their own challenges.

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Children's Program

Peaceful Paths provides a consistent approach to youth services no matter the location, however there are some unique benefits and challenges with living in shelter. We embrace the positives, while facing the challenges with the same philosophy of empowerment and focus on safety. Families are supported by shelter advocates when transitioning into temporary shelter life just as individual adults are, but we recognize that their needs can be much different. Examples of shelter specific services are:

  • Private individual and/or family service planning.

  • Non-violent discipline support.

  • Routine safety planning.

  • Information and referrals for community services.

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