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Land Acknowledgement

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Peaceful Paths acknowledges that our organization resides on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Potano (Timucua) and Seminole Tribes. We honor with gratitude the land itself and the stewards of it that have existed since time immemorial.

With this acknowledgment, Peaceful Paths aims to raise awareness regarding the mass murder and forced removal of Native peoples that led to us inhabiting this stolen land now recognized as the state of Florida. 

Colonization did not end when White settlers broke treaties and led their campaign of genocide, it is an ongoing process that affects Indigenous communities today. We hope to develop intentional, actionable strategies of harm reduction and building relationships with the original stewards of this land. Optical allyship is not sufficient - we must all continue to unlearn White-washed history and celebrate Indigenous communities.

To learn more about land acknowledgments, the Potano people, the Seminole Tribe, and Indigenous sovereignty, please visit the resources below or connect to the nations directly.

Image of an Indigenous Map of Florida

Not in Alachua County? Click the button below to find out what Native territories you are living on.

Image says "You're On Indigenous Land"

What You Can Do to Support Indigenous Rights:

1. Continue to learn the history of Native communities in your area

2. Provide financial support to tribal nations

3. Support Indigenous businesses and creators

4. Participate in Native American Heritage Month (November) or Indigenous Peoples' Day (Oct. 12)

5. Assist in taking care of the environment around you

6. Support Indigenous-led grassroots change movements and campaigns & encourage others to do so

7. Commit to returning land

8. Learn the real history of Native tribes in the U.S. (i.e. genocide, forced land removal, boarding schools) and their fight for survival 

9. Read and learn from Native authors

10. Learn about the missing and murdered Indigenous women (MMIW) and how you can support their families

Image of Indigneous Woman, says Honoring Our MMIW; Defend our sacred, protect our women. Seeding Sovereignty.

When we talk about land, land is part of who we are. It’s a mixture of our blood, our past, our current, and our future. We carry our ancestors in us, and they’re around us. As you all do.

Mary Lyons (Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe)

Image of Great Grandmother Mary Lyons

Click between the different tabs to explore resources by topic!

Teacher's Guide to Florida's Native People by the Florida Museum of Natural History (2002)

Republic of Timucua Website (2022)

American Indian and Indigenous Studies: Potano People/Alachua Tradition by George A. Smathers Libraries

Archaeology of Pre-Columbian Florida by Digital Library of the Caribbean

The Timucua: North Florida’s Early People by National Park Service

Statement, design, and resources curated by Alex Hernandez (they/she) - 2Spirit advocate/support group facilitator

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