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If you know someone who is experiencing domestic abuse, please use this page to guide you in helping him or her. Remember that it is always helpful to listen and be judgment-free if someone is confiding in you about an abusive relationship. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call 911.


Warning signs of abuse:

(Source: National Domestic Violence Hotline)

  • Their partner puts them down in front of other people

  • They are constantly worried about making their partner angry

  • They make excuses for their partner’s behavior

  • Their partner is extremely jealous or possessive

  • They have unexplained marks or injuries

  • They’ve stopped spending time with friends and family

  • They are depressed or anxious, or you notice changes in their personality



  • provides a toolkit including articles and lists that help identify different types of abuse, how to help survivors without putting them in danger, danger assessment tools and online forums. The toolkit is available for download on

  • Tips on creating a safety plan with a friend or family member are available *here* [] on the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence website.

  • The National Domestic Violence Hotline spells out the warning signs of abuse and how to support and empower someone who is being abused to make their own decisions. []

  • Here’s an article [] written from the perspective of a survivor about why she didn’t tell her friends about her abuse.

  • The Peaceful Paths helpline [] is available 24 hours a day with an advocate available to assist with guidance and information at 352-377-8255 or toll-free at 800-500-1119.  If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call 911.

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