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Six Feet Walk

(May 29-31, 2020)

In light of the Covid-19 crisis Peaceful Paths is among a number of non-profit organizations that have had to cancel or postpone planned Spring Fundraising events.  We know that many of you have experienced similar setbacks with your own businesses, school schedules, and events . We have all had to think outside the box to fill the financial gaps and re-imagine how we live, work, and play.

On this Giving Tuesday Now, we are excited to announce our MAKE A DIF-FUR-ENCE Six Feet Walk--A Virtual community event to show  your support of victims of domestic violence.  We are borrowing this creative fundraising idea from our sister DV center, Harbor House in Orlando who turned their PAWS for PEACE walk into a succesful social distancing event last month.   

Peaceful Paths is among  the few Florida Domestic Violence agencies that allow vitcims to bring their pets with them to shelter.  Research has shown that many victims find it difficult to leave their abusers when they have to abandon a beloved pet. Often times, these pets are also victims of the abusive relationship.   We feel fortunate to be able to offer a service that ultimately will save more lives, the core of our mission.

The Make a DIF-FUR-ENCE SIX FEET WALK (4 PAWS +2 FEET=SIX FEET) is an opportunity to support survivors. It's easy. It's fun. It's flexible. It's COVID-19 concious.

Even if you don't have a four-footed friend, if you support survivors, we hope you will put your walking shoes on and advocate for our mission to save lives and create change.

What is the Six Feet Walk? 

A virtual fundraiser where you and your furry friend take a walk in support of Peaceful Paths and show your stance against intimate partner violence. 


Where will the walk be held?

You pick the location! You can walk in your neighborhood, around a park, on a trail, on the beach (if yours is open), on a track---get creative just remember the six-foot rule!

When is the Walk?

May 29-31-One of the benefits of virtual is flexibility! You get to pick the time over the weekend that works with your schedule. Hopefully, by that time, some of you will be particpating from your favorite beach! 


We hope to raise $8,000 between the T-shirt sales, donations, and individual FB fundraisers. We also hope that through this event, more lives will be saved as a result! As of May 19, we have raised over $5,000!

How do I Participate?

1) Purchase and wear one of our Six Feet Walk event T-shirt or a Peaceful Paths T-shirt. If you don't have one, wear purple to show your support for Survivors! Although our Event T-shirt campaign ended on March 18, it is not too late to purchase a Peaceful Paths T-shirt on our website or stop by our Outreach Office to purchase one. Click Here to purchase online.  Wear your T-shirt on the day you choose to complete your Six Feet Walk for Peaceful Paths. :-)


2) Host a Facebook Fundraiser:  FB Fundraisers are an easy way to raise money and show your support for our cause within your network.  It takes less than a minute to set up and you can set your own goal and run the fundraiser through May 31.  Peaceful Paths is set up to receive funds through Facebook and your fundraiser will show up on our Facebook Page!  Click Here to Learn how to set up a FB Fundraiser. We encourage you to include a picture of you and your furry friend.*

*If you don't have a pet, you can still run a FB Fundraiser for us!


3) Walk your pet (or a borrowed pet) on the event weekend (May 29-31). Wear your SIX Feet Walk or Peaceful Paths T-shirt if you bought one.  Take picture of you and your Pet and post on your Social Media  and make sure to tag Peaceful Paths!! We want to see your smiling faces!


4) Can't participate in the walk? Already own too many T-shirts,  but want to support? You can donate to the cause HERE. Your donation will count toward the event goal of $8000, but more importantly, it will directly support survivors!

Are there Prizes?

Yes, we have some fun prizes thanks to the generosity of our local businesses which we will continue to update (They are awesome prizes, we promise!)  

Prize Categories:

1) Most $ Raised. We will tally on June 1. (If you don't have FB, donations can be made on our website . Donors can put add a note: 6-feet walk on behalf of name of walker)

2) Most donors. We will tally on June 1. (Donors will be counted on Facebook Fundraisers and Donations made on our website.)

3) Most Facebook Likes for your post. (Must tag Peaceful Paths to count.) We will tally on June 1.

4) Most adorable pet picture posted on Facebook (Must Tag Peaceful Paths)  PP Staff will select the lucky winner.

5) Oldest pet participating in walk. (Must Tag Peaceful Paths with month/year and picture--honor system please!)

6) Youngest pet participating in walk. (Must Tag Peaceful Paths with month/year and picture--honor system please!)

6) Oddest Pet participating in walk. (No, your pet does not need to have 4 paws, but it does need to walk!) Must Tag Peaceful Paths in FB Post.

7) Pet/Owner Look Alike picture (PP Staff will select the doppelgangers!)

8) Funniest Picture (Must Tag PP in FB post) Picture selected by PP Staff.

9) Best Covid-19/6-feet social distancing picture/post on FB. (Must Tag Peaceful Paths.)

10) SIX Week Walk participant completing their walk farthest from Peaceful Paths in Gainesville. Post a FB message with address!

11) Best Family Participation Post!

*We will continue to update this page with prize and contest information. If you have questions, please contact

Current Prize Sponsors (We will continue to Add)

Footstone Photography

Cilantro Taco

Blue Highway

Earthwise Pets (Millhopper)

Earthwise Pets (Jonesville)

Dave's NY Deli (Tioga)

Bally Hoo Restaurant

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